Idaho Census Records


Population Schedules.

• Indexed—1870, 1880, 1910

• Soundex—1900, 1920

Mortality Schedules.

• 1870, 1880 (both indexed)

In 1860, Idaho north of 46 degrees north latitude was part of Spokane County, Washington Territory. The 1860 federal census appears to reflect no white population, and the 1860 federal census of Cache County, Utah Territory, included some persons living in what is now the southeastern corner of the Bear Lake area.

The 1870 Idaho territorial census is extant for all counties and has been indexed. A portion of Bear Lake and the Franklin County area was enumerated with Cache County, Utah. An index has been compiled by the Idaho State Historical Society (see Archives, Libraries and Societies) entitled "Missing 1870 Census of Franklin and Bear Lake Counties Idaho Found in 1870 Census of Utah" (Boise, Idaho: Williams Printing, Co., 1982).

(Alice Eichholz, Ancestry's Red Book, Idaho)

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